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Get Involved

                           If there one thing that is characteristic of the WCA Community, it is that we get involved! Our families realize that our capability to deliver amazing programs and extracurriculars to our students is multiplied many times over when we have strong volunteer support. Whether you are helping coordinate our WCA Family Dinner with the Parents of WCA organization, slinging hot dogs at a basketball game as a part of our Booster Club, or offloading the next shipment of donated goods for sale at New2You, you can help magnify the amazingness of our programs with your volunteer participation or monetary contribution. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each organization.

Parents of WCA


We invite YOU to get involved in helping your school with your God-given talents!


Parental involvement is critical for a successful school.  There are ways you can help that take no more than a couple of hours a month, some that are seasonal, and a few that require a routine commitment.


Visit the NEW Parents of WCA webpage by clicking HERE!




New2You Thrift Store

For more information, you can visit the New2You Facebook Page or Website! They are located at 4500 John Tyler Highway, Williamsburg, VA.

Visit our College Advisement Website to view testing calendars, request transcripts, get testing resources, research colleges, and more!

New WCA Families

There's no resource quite as helpful as our WCA 101 web presentation. WCA 101 gives you the basic information that you need to know to start the school year off right. Covering what you need to know, do, and read as you start and progress through the school year, we hope you will find WCA 101 is a tremendous and invaluable tool to onboarding as a family to WCA. We've covered just about everything with links and tips, from car line to dress code, supply lists, name it, we've got almost everything a new family needs for a great start to the year. To access WCA 101, click on the WCA 101 banner.
Note: This presentation is best viewed on PC screens at this time.

Rightnow is a streaming library of Bible study videos that inspire faith every day of the week, with content available for all age groups. This resource which contains videos from some of the foremost authors, pastors, and theologians is generally available for a fee, but as a member of the WCA community, you have FREE access to this amazing customizable resource. To access your free subscription to RightNow, click here.

Here you will find a number of resources we have created especially for new families to try and get you in the know and ease the transition to WCA!


           WCA could not execute on all the objectives of our ministry without the support of our beloved sponsors. Williamsburg area businesses contribute to WCA through booster sponsorships, golf tourney sponsorships and straight donations to the school during our fundraising drives and donor dinners. Please frequent these businesses as friends of WCA when possible!

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